Resale Queen's Advice on where to invest your resale dollar
 Added on Sep 30, 2006 by betsy    

Every  body wants to be the Queen.
The infomercial success making thousands out of their basement selling crap other people are throwing out.
Every early morning garage sale cattle call line up, every church potluck I go to- everybody has the same questions about Ebay.
#1 Do  you really make money at that?
#2 How do you know what to sell?

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 Added on Sep 25, 2006 by Betsy    

This weekend was the GREATEST GARAGE SALE OF ALL TIME.  Alright, so I say that every weekend, but this weekend was a special one.  TMOTTC (tri cities mothers of twins and triplets club) threw their annual fall clothing and toy resale event.  These chicks may have weak pelvic floors, but they throw a serious sale.  Their organizational techniques are unmatched.  Dont mess with a chick who has developed a flow chart to get her laundry done. 

So this is how a big sale works.  A club like the good old TCMOTTC rents a space, these guys rent a stadium which is brilliant you already know by the location in the newspaper ad that this sale is going to be huge.  Lesser local clubs for the explosively fertile actually get together and rent livestock and specialty county fair barns to house their sales.  Nothing says quality, clean merchandise like ducking through 4H banners on your way to the breastpumps.

The idea behind these sales is to raise money for cash strapped mommies as well as the organization.  In order to sell at the sale, you have to be a member.  Unless you put your name on a waiting list, pass a phone interview and submit to an inperson interview and information session.  I know this sounds like hell a work but I completed all 3 rounds and was granted the golden password to resale nirvana.  My seller id, number 432.

I had a brilliant idea, starting last spring when everyone else was looking for summer clothes, I started my search for near to free fall and winter designer kid clothes.  I emptied my daughters closet and started hoarding all the boutique brand and gap crap I could hustle.  It actually worked out really well since the problem with kids clothes in the first place is that kids grow out of them, especially toddlers and little kids. 

All mommies know that you can't predict growth spurts or standstills in growth-kids don't really progress through sizes they stall out in some, skip others- so most moms aren't buying several seasons ahead.  I started going to church sales and yard sales on the last day.  The leftover summer clothes were torn Garanimals gear, however you would be amazed at the Hanna Andersson, Oilily, Gap and other expensive junk I found lying there like last weeks Ramen. 

So now you can understand why I was so psyched about this garage sale this week- I had 19 winter coats alone.  Nonmembers got 65% of the sale price, not exactly awesome but I figured if I just sold a huge volume I would be making mad cash.  They don't release the member percentage.  A woman there-member I should say- said the last sale was around $30k total sales, $12k went to the club.

Friday morning is drop off day, I thought I would be in and out of there- but these ladies don't trust those who eject eggs one by one.  They went through each piece of clothing I had checking for stains or tears it took nearly an hour for them to check me in I had so much crap.

The first sale day is actually Friday night the day before it opens to the public.  This is the VIP members only sweet sale preview when most of the good stuff at cheap prices goes.  The sale committee works out a schedule.  Of course they go first, then the members of the club who volunteer at the sale, then the members who don't volunteer and then us freakish wannabe nonmembers. 

The sale started at 4:45 but we couldnt get in until 7pm.  If I could figure a way to get onto the committee I would.  Maybe if I lie- I could just rub some blue eyeshadow under my eyes and dust myself with baby formula- "sorry I'm late guys- the quads are just so needy...".  I think I could pass.

So finally I got to go in along with my sister who is my apprentice, she had to work a shift in order to gain entry I asked if I could just bring someone to the sale and I was told they would have to stand in the hall- I am tellin' you these multiples madres are serious.  So this is what we got:
JJ Cole Bundle Me paid 2.50 ebay value $30; Groovy Girl w/sleeping bag $4 will be added to lot of collected Groovy Girls which will ebay for $75-90;Todays Kids gate $10 Ebay for $80, Todays Kids gate for $20 will also Ebay for $80, Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and set of action figures $6 Ebays for $65-$70, Pottery Barn blue gingham crib skirt and sheet set times 2 of course from someones twin boys paid $6 per set Ebay $25 per set; American Girl clothes and karaoke machine paid $4.

I have to do more research in the 'completed's to find out the outfits title, year of release, character intended for and whether or not it is retired- depending on these factors will sell for $10-$70 or I may keep for a lot since I find American Girl dolls from time to time for 50 cents at Goodwill; Little Tikes Hot Wheels Mountain which we will be stripping for parts and piecing off on Ebay paid $10 pieces are worth $60-$80; Step 2 kitchen pieces these are HOT HOT HOT -they are small toddler size play kitchens that are no longer produced and 'Buy It Now' for $110 on Ebay for no trouble at all- I got a set for $19.

I havent gotten my check yet to find out what I made from what I sold but as soon as I do I will type it up.

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Booba this needs a title
 Added on Sep 23, 2006 by Betsy    

So what if you are too lazy to sell stuff on Ebay. What if you can't shake a child off your leg long enough to get your camera to focus and take a clear picture. You've got a lot of options. There are people lined up around the block to take your crap on consignment.

Consignment Stores.
Pre-Ebay Once Upon a Child was a great idea, but now who wants to sort through 9000 racks of used stuff . Around here, they pay yOne of the greatest ways to make cash from your kids used crap is to join forces with a local twins, triplets or school group and sell your stuff at RESALE EVENTS! My favorite group has the catchy name TCMOTTC or the Tri Cities Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club.

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About me
 Added on Sep 17, 2006 by Betsy    

Everybody thinks its nifty to buy something for 50 cents and sell it for $50 bucks, and Ebay has become the stay at home mommy home biz of the new millenium- kind of like catering and real estate was back in the 80s. 

While selling on Ebay is fairly straightforward, the difficult part is knowing what sells and for how much.  This is where the hard work comes in.  If you like to stay up until 1 a.m. bleary eyed reading completed Care Bear auctions in order of highest to lowest price- then join me compadre as we venture forth on the journey to turn garbage into gold.

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